Etta E. Jonas Israel Fellowship Program. - REGISTRATION

What is IsraelLINKConnect?
IsraelLINKConnect is an online community uniting Midwest religious schools through focused Israel education, funded by the Etta E. Jonas Israel Fellowship Program. This program will partner schools to learn from our comprehensive IsraelLINK curriculum via a newly developed online platform. Students will learn together for five monthly 50-minute sessions, led by our Midwest LINK managing director, Matt Rissien.

How much does it cost for my school to sign up for IsraelLINKConnect?
Thanks to a generous grant from the Etta E. Jonas Israel Fellowship Program, this program is fully subsidized for schools in the Midwest.

Do I need to provide staff for this program?
Yes, each school will need to provide at least one teacher to join our sessions. Throughout the 50-minute sessions, students from various schools will learn together as a community and will be transferred into separate school breakout rooms. In those breakout rooms, your teachers will be prompted to facilitate follow-up discussion from videos and content provided in the main meeting room by Matt Rissien. There will be a 30-minute training session for teachers prior to the program starting date. Teachers will be responsible for managing attendance and behavior of students.

How often does IsraelLINKConnect meet?
There will be five monthly sessions, which run for 50 minutes, starting in September. We will work with registered schools to determine the best timing for all five sessions. The first session will take place after the high holidays.

Will my students need tablets/laptops?
Yes, this program will utilize the sharing of videos and technology. Each student will need a laptop or tablet to log in to Zoom and participate.

Can I still sign up to use the IsraelLINK curriculum without signing up for IsraelLINKConnect?
Yes! IsraelLINKConnect is a new program we are piloting for schools who wish to partner together, but schools can still sign up to use our full IsraelLINK curriculum on their own. Please contact Matt Rissien, Midwest LINK managing director, at [email protected] to schedule an online meeting to talk about bringing LINK to your school. Training can be catered to schools looking for at-home and/or in-class learning.

More information about the Etta E. Jonas Israel Fellowship Program!
Etta Jonas was a beloved, life-long educator who understood Israel’s importance in the story of Jewish identity, survival and triumph. This amazing initiative is being provided to Jewish institutions and educators with appreciation to the Jonas family.

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