• A cutting-edge, digitally-interactive, experiential curriculum.
  • In addition to the on-line application, students will work in pairs and teams, engaging in hands-on, project-based activities as well as educational board games and scavenger hunts.
  • Explores students’ thousands-year-old historical connection to Israel and empowers them to establish their own, unique modern connection.
  • Designed to create a relationship of love, pride and respect between middle school students and Israel.

LINK was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Sandra and Lawrence Post Family Foundation

Cutting Edge Technology

Engaging, Experiential Lessons

Explores Jewish Continuity In Israel

Creates Love, Pride And Respect For Israel

Empowers Students To Find Their Israel Connection


The goal of LINK is to introduce students to the Israel not typically taught through traditional curricula—the Israel that excels at what matters most to today’s youth and speaks to their core values.

Jewish Continuity In The Land Of Israel.


In this lesson, students explore the statement: Israel is the Jewish Homeland. Through a series of activities, they will fast-forward through Israel’s recorded history from ancient times to today and discover for themselves if there is evidence that the Jewish people are indigenous to the Land of Israel.

Israel By The Numbers.

numbers-1In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to navigate Israel from within and without. Through a series of activities, they will become familiar with Israel’s size as well as the neighborhood it’s in. They will end the lesson by meeting some individuals who despite the challenges, have chosen to “come home” to Israel.

Diversity In Israel.

diversity-1In this lesson students will be introduced to the richness of Israel’s society and the unique and amazing people who add to its culture. This will challenge some of the things they may have heard about what life in Israel is like for some of the people who live there. It may also challenge some of their ideas of who makes up Israel’s population.

Humanitarian Aid.

humanitarian-1In this lesson, students will learn about some of the actions taken by Israel to assist those in need. From there, they will draw their own conclusions about the role of Jewish values in Israeli society.

Innovation & Technology.

innovation-1In this lesson, students will learn about one of the areas of cutting-edge technology that Israel is known for. Working with a team, they will create their own campaign to inform and promote a made-in-Israel innovation or technological breakthrough.

Israel & You.

israelAndYou-1In this lesson, students will have an opportunity to reflect on the new perspective they may have on Israel, and on themselves as well. They will be able to identify and articulate their “Israel Value Statement” which will represent their own, unique connection to Israel.