This curriculum is written for middle school students (6th – 8th grade) but may be adapted and modified for younger or older students.


This curriculum will introduce students to the historical ties Jews have to the Land of Israel. In addition, it will help students engage with the contributions Israel has made and is currently making in the world. These contributions are in the fields of medicine, computer technology, humanitarian aid, water technology, international disaster relief, and agricultural technology. Furthermore, this unit will help students find their unique, individual connection to Israel.


The LINK curriculum is currently being implemented nation-wide in both day schools, supplementary schools and youth group programs  representing all denominations.


Students in Jewish schools often learn to love Israel from an early age because of a historic and religious tie to the Land. As these students grow and mature, this curriculum introduces them to the Israel that is the champion of humanitarian aid, human rights, and technological innovations that improve the quality of lives everywhere, an Israel that is the expert in all things that we value.


By using a backwards design model, these lessons can be used as “stand-alone” lessons or as one coherent curriculum, with enduring understandings, essential questions, lesson plans, and formative and summative assessments.