“I haven’t found anything as fluid and as innovative as LINK and I’ve been searching a long time.”
Nancy Shechter – Director – Temple Beth Shalom

“Hundreds of new programs cross my desk every year and LINK really stood out. Students will find it engaging and fun, and they will learn a great deal. What a fantastic way to develop knowledge and a love for Israel.”
Barb Gelb – Director – Temple Ahavat Shalom

“The Link curriculum provided my 7th graders with hands-on interactive and relatable learning tools that were utilized and enjoyed during our Israel unit. It was a pleasure to watch student’s reactions as they discovered new information about Israel’s history and accomplishments.”
Adrianne Pasternak – Director – Shomrei Torah Synagogue

“The Link curriculum developed by Stand With Us allows elementary age students to gain foundational information related to Israel using interactive and engaging methodologies. Important self-reflection tools are built in to measure the students’ learning and as a result our students have gained an invaluable basis for Israel advocacy.”
Ilana Zadok – Special Program Coordinator – Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy


“LINK uses active and engaging technology and because LINK is all digital, it can be updated regularly. So every time there is a new innovation coming out of an Israeli start-up company, it can be part of the LINK curriculum. It can be updated in the moment which is very unique for education.”
Yael M. – Educator – Sinai Akiba Academy

“I just taught Lesson 4 on Humanitarian Aid at Home and Abroad to my 7th grade class. It was a great lesson. The kids were really engaged and had a lot to say. Overall I would say this was a very high quality lesson.”
Rebecca B – Educator – Sinai Akiba Academy

“To hear voices that are distinctly Israeli and not merely from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, not merely secular or traditional, not merely pro-/anti Israel but real contemporary lives and contributions makes the curriculum (and tremendous resources library) rich, textured and three dimensional without it becoming polarizing or contorted. Children asked better questions after each lesson about our relationship to Israel and Israel’s relationship to the world. Excellent material for inquiry.”
Rabbi Micah Hyman – Educator – Tarbut v’Torah


“One thing I learned today is that Israel helps countries that are not necessarily their allies.  They help people regardless of who they are.”
Zach A. – 7th grade

“I was just thinking how incredible it is that such a small nation helps so much.”
Isabella N. – . 7th grade

“I learned that Israel may be a small nation, but they helped a lot of refugees.”
Raquel R. – 7th grade

“What I learned today is that whenever another country is in need, Israel will go and help to make sure they don’t suffer, because that’s the way they do things.”
Seth B. – 7th grade

“Yes, Israel has created great technologies and amazing innovations but Israel also aides countries in need whether it’s a natural or humanitarian disaster.  Israel provides so much to the world.  Just knowing that is so satisfying!”
Aaron G .– 7th grade

“I was always taught I should love Israel but not why I should love Israel. Now that I have learned, I know why I love Israel.”
Audrey M.– 8th grade